About Me

Apparently, these things are all the rage nowadays… So here goes.

I’m Noirin Plunkett Shirley Plunkett. Born in Manchester in 1985, I grew up in Dublin. After a sojourn in Munich during 2005/2006 as part of my studies, I returned to Dublin to finish my degree. I earned a gold medal, and a first class BA Mod Hons in Computer Science, Linguistics & German, at Trinity College Dublin. I currently live in Zürich, Switzerland, and am divorced from the still-wonderful

My CV, including contact details, is available here.

I’m a trained AED operator and first aid provider, and until I left Dublin, I was also a volunteer ambulance attendant for the St John Ambulance Brigade.

Some of you may know me from the following:
Trinity College Dublin (CLSG, Netsoc, ModLang, CU etc, 2002-2007)
Ludwig Maximilians Universitat, Munich (Erasmus student, 2005-2006)
Microsoft (Office Online International SDE Intern, 2004-2005)
St Andrew’s College (Prep Dept, 1994-1997, Secondary School, 1997-2002, IB Class)
CTYI (Young Student 1995-1997, Session 2 1998-2001)
SAIMUN (Head of Press, 2002)
THIMUN (Copy Editor, 2001)
MEP (President of GA, Dublin 2002; Committee President, Copenhagen 2001; Secretary General, national conference, Dublin 2001).

If you do, please do get in touch :)