International Women’s Day 2006

Happy International Women’s Day 2006.

Remember today, all the women who have made your life possible. The woman who brought you into the world. The woman who, in all likelihood, brought you up, cared for you, fed and clothed you as a child.

Take a moment to think about the women you work around, who make it possible for you to get on with your job. The women who probably work longer and harder than you do, for less reward, and with less job security. The women doing jobs you probably don’t even notice, unless they’re not done. The women who are probably just as well-educated as you, but who are doing less ‘qualified’ work.

Thank the women around you today, notice the things they do. Look out for them, help them, give them a hand up – the same as you would if they were men, doing an equivalent task. Don’t let their work go unnoticed. And yes – it really is work – just you try doing it some time.

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