Thank You Sun!

A huge “thank you!” to Sun Microsystems – in particular Damien Farnham (Performance QA) and Conrad Wace – for sponsoring my trip to ApacheCon.

My first introduction to the world outside Windows was as a young teenager, spending a full weekend, with my best friend, trying to install RedHat (probably RH5, looking back) onto a PC that was no longer usable as a Windows machine (it had been my father’s office computer, at some point). We had an install CD, no bootable CD drive, and approximately 300 floppy disks. I don’t think we ever got the OS to boot, although we did get close. I very nearly ended up throwing the computer out my bedroom window, however, and wanted nothing more to do with these computer things!

As an IB student, my Computer Science portfolio was put together on the Sun machines in Trinity’s Westland Square building – many stressful hours were spent, poring over code I didn’t totally understand, on an OS that was entirely alien to me. As a CSLL student, when I got to Trinity for real, the Sun labs became my home, my quiet little haven, and it was the Applet I wrote (and demonstrated!) on the Sun boxes that won me the ticket to my first Trinity Ball.

When I was in second year, they closed those labs to undergrads, and made them into postgrad offices, but I still preferred LG08, the Sun lab, to the shinier-but-noisier Dell lab next door. The quirky keyboards were definitely not designed for my small, girlie hands, but what can I say? I guess Sun got me early, and I’m really delighted that they’re the ones sending me :)

I’m hugely looking forward to the conference – to get to ApacheCon anywhere would have been cool, and the fact that it’s in Dublin just makes it even better. I’m looking forward to meeting the people who know the code inside-out, and hopefully being able to pass on what I learn through the documentation!

Thank you too, to the individuals who helped me along the way – your donations have been passed on to the ASF. I’m really overwhelmed, to be honest – thank you all, and I hope I do you proud!

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  • [...] There’s going to be a hackathon, and a docathon too, which Noirin is particularly looking forward to helping with. Sun are very kindly sponsoring Noirin to be at the Con, and are putting her up in the hotel, so I’ll be staying with her, despite only living about 10 minutes walk away. Now that’s lazy! [...]

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