The iCal Files – ApacheCon EU 2006 Schedule

At the time of the ApacheCon planning meeting, I was on holidays. Yay, bliss and all that. Anyway, after the meeting, I set about turning the spreadsheet of talks into iCal files, in the hopes of having them ready before the conference :)

Now that speaker notifications have gone out etc, here they are. There’s a very, very chaotic-looking overall schedule, containing all of the sessions, across all of the tracks. The plenaries calendar contains the plenary sessions (duh! I just couldn’t think of a better name – this work was mind-numbing enough!), but also such useful things as coffee breaks, and lunches :)

The equally imaginatively named tutorials calendar contains the regular tutorial sessions, as well as the licensing/IP tutorials on Thursday.

And finally, there are four different calendars, corresponding to the different rooms. More imaginative names – Ulster Room, Munster Room, Leinster Room and Lansdowne Room. These don’t exactly match the rooms on the official schedule, and I make no promises at this stage what room anything will be in. The reason I’ve changed them around though, is so that the httpd track is in the same iCal file on both Thursday & Friday.

Update: these now match the official schedule, and should hopefully also match reality!

These calendars are only as accurate as the information I have, but I’ll do my best to keep them up to date. Please feel free to subscribe to the iCal files, so that you can have the bright, shiny, new revisions, as I update them :)

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