ApacheCon – Hackathon

Lots of Macs

Lots of Macs, originally uploaded by NoirinP.

A more social post on the ApacheCon – it’s been a manic few days getting everything up and running! Now that the actual conference has begun, I can at least sit down for an hour at a time, even if I haven’t gotten to the point of single-focus for an hour yet!

The hackathon was great fun – there were plans to get some work done on mod_rewrite docs with Rich, which didn’t really end up working out… There was the ‘docathon’ organised for the Incubator project which took a while to get off the ground :)

I also got some basic docs on mod_ftp, from Covalent/Bill Rowe, that I’m going to ASFise/XMLify as soon as I get a chance! (Really, I’m just collecting projects, that I’ll have to get working on once all this is done…)

We got fibre laid, connectivity set up, hacking started, and lots of socialising done. Gareth Eason arrived last night, and Colm brought over half a dozen instruments, so we even had some excellent music!

The Members Reception was fantastic for the socialising – and I reckon I’ve collected enough work to look forward to some more socialising tonight without feeling even remotely guilty about it :)

It’s the welcome reception, followed by a keysigning party, and I just can’t wait!

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