Fast Food

Just had the most wonderfully tasty pasta dinner… I’m not usually a fan of creamy sauces – but this was da bomb! Cooking time, approx 10 mins – which means it beats the socks off phoning for pizza too :)

Serves 4

Chop up three small onions, fry lightly in a small saucepan for a minute or two until softened.
Add 175g pancetta, fry for about five mins, until it all looks wonderfully juicy.
Add 250g garlic & herb cream cheese (think Boursin, although I used Tesco’s “light choices” one), and about 150ml milk – keep heating gently, and stir until the cream cheese melts into the sauce and stops being lumpy.

Put on the pasta at the appropriate point – at the beginning if it’s dried pasta, or while the pancetta is frying if it’s fresh pasta – so that it’s done at about the same time as the sauce.

Drain the pasta, mix in the sauce, and tasty’s your dinner :)

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