Ada Lovelace Day – thank you Valerie!

I had some computer troubles yesterday, so I’m posting my Ada Lovelace Day post a little late. It’s still March 24th in Hawaii though, so I think I’m alright really ;-)

Like many others, I had a seriously hard time trying to decide who to write about. I’ve been so lucky in many ways, and one of them was finding the right people at the right time.

In the end though, I had to go with Valerie Aurora. I cringe to re-read the email I sent Val, as she was known then, when I saw her book scholarship for Women Don’t Ask. But her response was warm and gracious, as I have always found her to be since. The book has certainly made a difference in my life. But Valerie has made an even bigger difference.

I’ve learned so much from Valerie, both from watching how she does things and from talking to her. She’s seriously smart, and yet she’s never once made me feel stupid. She’s tough as nails, up for a laugh, inspiring, funny, interesting, and just damn brilliant! And I still owe her dinner :-)

So three cheers for Valerie Anita Aurora. And Valerie, if you’re reading this, big props on the name change. I think you now have the coolest name of anyone I know :-)

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  • Marilyn Sinclair

    Thanks for posting your experience with being assaulted. I’m sure it was difficult to write. Someone sent me your link because I run an organization called NOT ME which deals with creating awareness of sexual assault on campus (website – coming soon). I started this organization after 2 of my daughter’s best friends were raped on campus during their first 4 weeks at university. The research shows that 1 in 4 girls are raped on campus in the first 4 years of their degree. As your experience shows, sexual assault is pervasive in all spheres and getting worse) and, in most cases, girls and women still bear the shame in silence. Thank you for speaking out – it is time for all of us to recognize that in a respectful world, people do not touch each other without permission. Period. We need social change but it will be a tough hill to climb.

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