Eucalyptus-Goer Five!

(I’m spending my birthday in hospital, and on regular doses of opium. No really! This may not be as entertaining to you as it was to me.)

‘Eucalyptus’ runs on computers and lets you make pretend computers out of the real computers. You can make pretend computers appear when you need them, and you can make as many as you need. This lets you use your real computers better. You can use lots of real computers, or just a few. You can even use other people’s real computers.

People who want to use your computers can make a pretend computer when they need one, and when they’re finished, they can make the pretend computer go away. They can save pretend computers, so that they can check how things work as they make changes, without having to keep a computer waiting for when they want to check. They can make pretend computers that look different, without having to change the real computers. Other people can make different pretend computers out of the same real computers. People can make a pretend computer that’s as big or as small as they need. You can add more real computers at any time, and it won’t change anything for the people who use your computers.

‘Eucalyptus’ lets you make pretend computers on your computers, but it also works with other people’s computers. If you don’t have enough real computers, you can use computers like the ones that ‘Amazon_Web_Services’ has. ‘AWS’ works like ‘Eucalyptus’, and if you have computer words that work with it, they should work with ‘Eucalyptus’ too.

The computer words that make ‘Eucalyptus’ work are there for anyone to look at, or change. Anyone can make ‘Eucalyptus’ better, or look at how it works and make something that can work with it.

The people who make ‘Eucalyptus’ are nice people, and they want to hear what you think. You can write to them at If ‘Eucalyptus’ isn’t working for you, there is a way to tell them what’s broken so they can fix it, at

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  • I love this. Especially “the computer words that make ‘Eucalyptus’ work” and the reminder that “the people who make ‘Eucalyptus’ are nice people.” (You are!) I might send this to my parents the next time they ask what’s happening in the World of Technology.

    Thank you for a much-needed laugh in the middle of a grad school morning!

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