HOWTO: Justify ApacheCon to your boss

I’m looking forward to attending ApacheCon US 2009 in Oakland, 2nd-6th November. We’ll be celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Apache Software Foundation, with more content, more people, and more fun than ever before.

If you’ve ever been to an ApacheCon, you’ll know that there are hundreds of great reasons to go. If you haven’t been [...]

Electronics and the family tree

My father has always been difficult to get presents for. If he needs something, he’ll buy it himself. If he knows he wants something, he’ll do the same. He doesn’t have my mother’s love of certain fabrics or patterns, so that we could just keep getting him Portmeirion china every year (sorry mum!)

And so [...]

ApacheCon – Hackathon

Lots of Macs, originally uploaded by NoirinP.

A more social post on the ApacheCon – it’s been a manic few days getting everything up and running! Now that the actual conference has begun, I can at least sit down for an hour at a time, even if I [...]