Introduction to WebDAV

I didn’t get back to the room til about 4am today, so I was a bit scared to discover myself actually present and awake at this talk!

Show of hands – not many people using WebDAV

Distributed Authoring & Versioning

Authoring means lots of things, Versioning is a little misleading

Built on top of http – like network filesystem, [...]

Troubleshooting httpd Configs

Mads Toftum was up early this morning, with several UserFriendly cartoons to keep us alive and awake, and lots of good tips for troubleshooting httpd config problems.

Getting right error message, getting sufficient information about a problem

You can always try to force it – there are very few personal problems that can’t
be solved by using dynamite! [...]

Subversion Best Practices

This was given by Brian W Fitzpatrick – another great talk. Many apologies if these notes are a little less than coherent – there was a lot to get through, and it went fast

Always use one repository – except when data types (code vs multi-GB .psd
files), or access policies prevent

Authz policy – none if [...]

Dublin 101 at FeatherCast

Yesterday, David Reid of the ASF and FeatherCast interviewed me about Dublin, in the run up to ApacheCon Europe 2006.

The podcast is now available, at David has edited it marvellously, so that I only say ‘emm’ about 325 times, and ‘literally’ about half that

I think sound a bit like the girl [...]

The iCal Files – ApacheCon EU 2006 Schedule

At the time of the ApacheCon planning meeting, I was on holidays. Yay, bliss and all that. Anyway, after the meeting, I set about turning the spreadsheet of talks into iCal files, in the hopes of having them ready before the conference

Now that speaker notifications have gone out etc, here they are. There’s a [...]

Thank You Sun!

A huge “thank you!” to Sun Microsystems – in particular Damien Farnham (Performance QA) and Conrad Wace – for sponsoring my trip to ApacheCon.

My first introduction to the world outside Windows was as a young teenager, spending a full weekend, with my best friend, trying to install RedHat (probably RH5, looking back) onto a [...]

Dublin in the Daytime

I’ve had plenty of time to kill in Dublin lately (can you tell I have an assignment due?), there’ll be folk over from the ASF in a couple of weeks, and this is something I’ve been planning on doing for ages, so here goes with the sequel to my Whistle-Stop Tour of Europe.

(Excuse me. Minor [...]

Irish Open-Source Types

So, I was thinking about this last night, and trying to figure out how many “open-source types” Ireland had. I define that as really just people who regularly contribute – committers, basically – to open source projects (ie, working with others – not just releasing their own code under a free license). I suspect if [...]

On this day…

In 1606, the trial in London of Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators began, for their “Gunpowder Plot, the previous November 5th.

In 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born, in Salzburg, Austria.

In 1832, Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) was born in Cheshire, England.

In 1880, Thomas Edison filed a patent for an electric incandescent lamp. Much as I [...]

A Whistle-Stop Tour of Europe

As previously mentioned, I was over at Bari’s last night. Turns out, her parents are planning a trip to Europe during the semester break, and their itinerary seems a bit mad to me. It’s entirely possible that this is because I don’t know them, don’t know what they like doing or seeing, and am simply [...]