Quote of the day!

From Ronan Kirby’s write-up of Skycon, about my lightning talk at the con:

“Also, if anyone has a tape of this talk, there could be money made selling it to an energy drink company for commercial use.”

Sunrise at Ovoca

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

PHP/MySQL Best Practices

Laura Thomson came all the way from Australia to present the last talk I went to at ApacheCon – PHP/MySQL Best Practices – and for me at least, it was well worth her trouble. This was originally submitted as a tutorial, and was only converted to a talk at the last minute, so we were [...]

ApacheCon – Hackathon

Lots of Macs, originally uploaded by NoirinP.

A more social post on the ApacheCon – it’s been a manic few days getting everything up and running! Now that the actual conference has begun, I can at least sit down for an hour at a time, even if I [...]

Notes on Shuttleworth’s talk

For now, these are posted exactly as I took them down during the talk. I’ve realised that there’s so much going on at the conference that if I wait until I have time to edit and fix things up before I post them, I’ll never get anything posted.

No, I won’t be taking notes on all [...]

FLOSSPOLS, Sexism, and Why Meritocracy Really Isn’t

This is my take on the “why are women so underrepresented in technology in general, and open source in particular” debate, inspired by several things that have come up lately – primarily the publication of the FLOSSPOLS report of findings & recommendations, a thread on the women@apache mailing list, and a seemingly innocent comment on [...]

Thank You Sun!

A huge “thank you!” to Sun Microsystems – in particular Damien Farnham (Performance QA) and Conrad Wace – for sponsoring my trip to ApacheCon.

My first introduction to the world outside Windows was as a young teenager, spending a full weekend, with my best friend, trying to install RedHat (probably RH5, looking back) onto a [...]

International Women’s Day 2006

Happy International Women’s Day 2006.

Remember today, all the women who have made your life possible. The woman who brought you into the world. The woman who, in all likelihood, brought you up, cared for you, fed and clothed you as a child.

Take a moment to think about the women you work around, who [...]