BBC's Faces of the Year

I’m pretty sure I complained about last year’s version too, but I didn’t write it down, so I’m saving this one for posterity.

The BBC has published four “Faces of the Year” articles this week: “the men” and “the women” for the UK and international markets.

Removing gender references, here are the lists:

UK: An undercover police officer: [...]

Conferences and dark alleyways

I’m scared to go to OSCON or the Community Leadership Summit this year.

After I was assaulted last year, an awful lot of people pointed out that if I go into dangerous situations, I should expect bad things to happen, and that if I don’t want bad things to happen, I shouldn’t go into dangerous situations.

I [...]

Neurochemistry is a pain

(No, I am not in danger; yes, I am getting professional help. Either way, I still need friends.)

In one sense, I have every right to be depressed. It’s not all that long ago that I was assaulted, torn into by strangers, and misguidedly told how I could have, should have prevented it. It’s even more [...]

A hell of a time

I had a hell of a time last night – in good and bad ways.

The good came first. The ApacheCon lightning talks were, as usual, hilarious. The talented Paul Fremantle brought out his tinwhistle and I danced an only-slightly off-time hornpipe. Bertrand revealed the secrets of the members@ mailing list with a speaking chorus. A [...]

Why I’m taking the Ada Lovelace challenge

Costigan Quist says he’s not taking the Ada Lovelace challenge. But I think he’s missed the point, and in my own rambling fashion, I’ll shortly explain why.

Before I do though, what is the challenge? Suw Charman-Anderson set up a pledge on PledgeBank, saying “I will publish a blog post on Tuesday 24th March about a [...]

International Women’s Day 2006

Happy International Women’s Day 2006.

Remember today, all the women who have made your life possible. The woman who brought you into the world. The woman who, in all likelihood, brought you up, cared for you, fed and clothed you as a child.

Take a moment to think about the women you work around, who [...]