F Yeah!

TL;DR: Give The Ada Initiative $128 today (or $10/month), and you’ll get the coolest sticker I’ve seen in ages!

For a long time, I was afraid to use the F-word. I studied CS, linguistics & German at university, and got into open source as a user and documentation contributor, more than a decade ago. I pretty [...]

My new job's not so new, but it's still incredible

I’ve been meaning to write about my new job for a while: in fact, almost a year.

Fifty-three weeks ago today, I got permission to work in the US. The following Monday, my Social Security Number arrived in the mail, and I started work at Eucalyptus Systems. A year ago today, I flew down to [...]

Eucalyptus-Goer Five!

(I’m spending my birthday in hospital, and on regular doses of opium. No really! This may not be as entertaining to you as it was to me.)

‘Eucalyptus’ runs on computers and lets you make pretend computers out of the real computers. You can make pretend computers appear when you need them, and you can make [...]

Advice from my own meandering experience

(I recently posted a beta version of this advice to the Google Summer of Code mentors list. By popular demand, it now appears for the first time in public. With thanks to Mary Schmich!)

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Open Source community, PARTICIPATE!

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, participation would be [...]

BBC's Faces of the Year

I’m pretty sure I complained about last year’s version too, but I didn’t write it down, so I’m saving this one for posterity.

The BBC has published four “Faces of the Year” articles this week: “the men” and “the women” for the UK and international markets.

Removing gender references, here are the lists:

UK: An undercover police officer: [...]

Keep The Ada Initiative Open!

The Ada Initiative is raising money for their 2012 activities. They’re primarily funded by donations, and can’t do it without us! To support their full-time work on supporting women in open technology and culture, donate now! And if you can’t donate, please do what you can to help spread the word

I love being part [...]

Last week, I wrote a book!

Three of them, actually And, of course, in the finest traditions of Open Source, it was a (very!) collaborative effort.

Back in July, only a week or two after I’d given notice at Google, the Open Source Programs Office there published a Call for Proposals for a Doc Camp to be held in association with [...]

Conferences and dark alleyways

I’m scared to go to OSCON or the Community Leadership Summit this year.

After I was assaulted last year, an awful lot of people pointed out that if I go into dangerous situations, I should expect bad things to happen, and that if I don’t want bad things to happen, I shouldn’t go into dangerous situations.

I [...]

ISO: Adventure, opportunity, a chance to make a difference

In other words, I’m looking for a new job. I’m currently wrapping up things in Zurich, and planning to take a few months off to volunteer with a few projects I really love. I’ll be available from the new year for sure, but am willing to negotiate for the right opportunity

I’ve spent the last [...]

Did you know how to react?

Last winter, I was assaulted at ApacheCon. I was shocked, upset. I had no idea how to react. The conference organisers, a team I was part of, had no idea how to react either.

In the end, I wrote about what happened. I expected a worried phone call from my mother, the most faithful reader of [...]