A hell of a time

I had a hell of a time last night – in good and bad ways.

The good came first. The ApacheCon lightning talks were, as usual, hilarious. The talented Paul Fremantle brought out his tinwhistle and I danced an only-slightly off-time hornpipe. Bertrand revealed the secrets of the members@ mailing list with a speaking chorus. A [...]


Last week, I enjoyed the beautiful environs of Keble College, Oxford, and the rather noisier hospitality of the University Club, to attend TransferSummit/UK, and the associated BarCampOxford.

What a show! It was a great freedom to be able to attend–and speak–without having to run around making sure everything was planned, organized, working. I love putting on [...]

Ada Lovelace Day - We love you Sheila, we do!

I almost didn’t take part in Ada Lovelace Day this year. Between recently taking up dancing, where I find myself suddenly in a pretty solid majority, and being bogged down with work (both $dayjob and Apache), the unicorn status has firmly lost any sheen it might ever have had. The performance is just exhausting.

But perhaps [...]

v1.3 is dead, long live v2.3!

The Apache HTTP Server team recently released 1.3.42, the final release of the hugely-popular 1.3 codebase. I wrote a bit about our reasoning, and where we’re going next, in response to some questions from El Reg. A lot of people have been asking about the decision to stop support for 1.3, so I thought I’d [...]

Ada Lovelace Day – thank you Valerie!

I had some computer troubles yesterday, so I’m posting my Ada Lovelace Day post a little late. It’s still March 24th in Hawaii though, so I think I’m alright really

Like many others, I had a seriously hard time trying to decide who to write about. I’ve been so lucky in many ways, and one [...]

Why I’m taking the Ada Lovelace challenge

Costigan Quist says he’s not taking the Ada Lovelace challenge. But I think he’s missed the point, and in my own rambling fashion, I’ll shortly explain why.

Before I do though, what is the challenge? Suw Charman-Anderson set up a pledge on PledgeBank, saying “I will publish a blog post on Tuesday 24th March about a [...]

Technology and Miracles

I’ve been enjoying twitter for a while now – but the ease with which it allows me to write down individual thoughts means that this blog has been rather neglected.

In the last few weeks though, I’ve been thinking more and more about the various bits of technology, none of them things that would have been [...]

Get Naked!

Shane introduced me to the idea of CSS Naked Day via PlanetApache, and it’s today – so for one day only (unless I forget!), this blog is CSS-free.

I’ve been interested in the issues of designing websites that work well in non-standard/text-based browsers/readers etc since I started in uni. Although I’m not a design person at [...]

Geek Girl Dinners

Having been invited to a couple of these in far-off lands (ok, maybe not that far…), I was delighted when an invite to an Irish Geek Girl Dinner landed in my inbox.

It’s definitely not invite-only, so if any of you ladies are interested in joining some self-identified Geek Girls for dinner on 27th February, head [...]

TLDs with MX records…

Stephen’s recently been questioned a bit about his email address validation regex – which has a few problems… Notably, it doesn’t allow for addresses like rob@uk, which I’m assured once existed (although I don’t believe it still does).

He wasn’t aware of any TLDs with MX records – so, of course, I had to set out [...]