Quote of the day!

From Ronan Kirby’s write-up of Skycon, about my lightning talk at the con:

“Also, if anyone has a tape of this talk, there could be money made selling it to an energy drink company for commercial use.”

The iCal Files – ApacheCon US 2006 Schedule

The speaker notifications have gone out, the schedule is on the website, and registration is open. ApacheCon US 2006 is getting closer, and although I won’t be able to be there (it’s the very first week of college, and I’m hoping to be starting my final year… Aargh!), I’ve once again gone and turned out [...]

PHP/MySQL Best Practices

Laura Thomson came all the way from Australia to present the last talk I went to at ApacheCon – PHP/MySQL Best Practices – and for me at least, it was well worth her trouble. This was originally submitted as a tutorial, and was only converted to a talk at the last minute, so we were [...]

Introduction to WebDAV

I didn’t get back to the room til about 4am today, so I was a bit scared to discover myself actually present and awake at this talk!

Show of hands – not many people using WebDAV

Distributed Authoring & Versioning

Authoring means lots of things, Versioning is a little misleading

Built on top of http – like network filesystem, [...]

Troubleshooting httpd Configs

Mads Toftum was up early this morning, with several UserFriendly cartoons to keep us alive and awake, and lots of good tips for troubleshooting httpd config problems.

Getting right error message, getting sufficient information about a problem

You can always try to force it – there are very few personal problems that can’t
be solved by using dynamite! [...]

Subversion Best Practices

This was given by Brian W Fitzpatrick – another great talk. Many apologies if these notes are a little less than coherent – there was a lot to get through, and it went fast

Always use one repository – except when data types (code vs multi-GB .psd
files), or access policies prevent

Authz policy – none if [...]

ApacheCon – Hackathon

Lots of Macs, originally uploaded by NoirinP.

A more social post on the ApacheCon – it’s been a manic few days getting everything up and running! Now that the actual conference has begun, I can at least sit down for an hour at a time, even if I [...]

Notes on Shuttleworth’s talk

For now, these are posted exactly as I took them down during the talk. I’ve realised that there’s so much going on at the conference that if I wait until I have time to edit and fix things up before I post them, I’ll never get anything posted.

No, I won’t be taking notes on all [...]

Dublin 101 at FeatherCast

Yesterday, David Reid of the ASF and FeatherCast interviewed me about Dublin, in the run up to ApacheCon Europe 2006.

The podcast is now available, at David has edited it marvellously, so that I only say ‘emm’ about 325 times, and ‘literally’ about half that

I think sound a bit like the girl [...]

FLOSSPOLS, Sexism, and Why Meritocracy Really Isn’t

This is my take on the “why are women so underrepresented in technology in general, and open source in particular” debate, inspired by several things that have come up lately – primarily the publication of the FLOSSPOLS report of findings & recommendations, a thread on the women@apache mailing list, and a seemingly innocent comment on [...]