The iCal Files – ApacheCon EU 2006 Schedule

At the time of the ApacheCon planning meeting, I was on holidays. Yay, bliss and all that. Anyway, after the meeting, I set about turning the spreadsheet of talks into iCal files, in the hopes of having them ready before the conference

Now that speaker notifications have gone out etc, here they are. There’s a [...]

Thank You Sun!

A huge “thank you!” to Sun Microsystems – in particular Damien Farnham (Performance QA) and Conrad Wace – for sponsoring my trip to ApacheCon.

My first introduction to the world outside Windows was as a young teenager, spending a full weekend, with my best friend, trying to install RedHat (probably RH5, looking back) onto a [...]

Irish Open-Source Types

So, I was thinking about this last night, and trying to figure out how many “open-source types” Ireland had. I define that as really just people who regularly contribute – committers, basically – to open source projects (ie, working with others – not just releasing their own code under a free license). I suspect if [...]