Last week, I enjoyed the beautiful environs of Keble College, Oxford, and the rather noisier hospitality of the University Club, to attend TransferSummit/UK, and the associated BarCampOxford.

What a show! It was a great freedom to be able to attend–and speak–without having to run around making sure everything was planned, organized, working. I love putting on [...]

A cave-walk, you say!?

Yesterday, I joined some of my colleagues on a cave walk. Having previously experienced Ailwee Cave in the Burren, I was expecting a leisurely walk through some beautiful geological features. In retrospect, the name of the cave–Hölloch, or Hell Hole–should perhaps have provided a clue.

Switzerland’s wonderful public transport got us easily to Muotathal, where the [...]

The morning after three nights before!

Or “It seemed like a good idea at the time!”

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve made several new friendships, and spent time with old friends, among my Google colleagues. It seemed like half the engineers formerly-known-as Sysops were in Mountain View, and I had already stayed up til 6AM with Tiarnan more than once [...]

This one's for you, mum :-)

Or “Turning Twenty-Five in the San Francisco Bay Area”

As the quarter-century creeps steadily up on me, I’ve been having a blast seeing the sights and meeting friends old and new. I can’t help thinking back to all the things I’ve enjoyed (and suffered through!) along the way. I’ve been incredibly lucky, and I hope that [...]

A Great Irish Tradition

In ten days time, Stephen and I will be moving to Zurich, Switzerland. Don’t be too surprised if you never got the memo – life’s been rather busy, and I never really had time to send it

Some quick answers to the questions I keep getting asked:

I’ll be starting work as a Technical Writer [...]

The iCal Files – ApacheCon US 2006 Schedule

The speaker notifications have gone out, the schedule is on the website, and registration is open. ApacheCon US 2006 is getting closer, and although I won’t be able to be there (it’s the very first week of college, and I’m hoping to be starting my final year… Aargh!), I’ve once again gone and turned out [...]

Dublin 101 at FeatherCast

Yesterday, David Reid of the ASF and FeatherCast interviewed me about Dublin, in the run up to ApacheCon Europe 2006.

The podcast is now available, at David has edited it marvellously, so that I only say ‘emm’ about 325 times, and ‘literally’ about half that

I think sound a bit like the girl [...]

Dublin in the Daytime

I’ve had plenty of time to kill in Dublin lately (can you tell I have an assignment due?), there’ll be folk over from the ASF in a couple of weeks, and this is something I’ve been planning on doing for ages, so here goes with the sequel to my Whistle-Stop Tour of Europe.

(Excuse me. Minor [...]

A Whistle-Stop Tour of Europe

As previously mentioned, I was over at Bari’s last night. Turns out, her parents are planning a trip to Europe during the semester break, and their itinerary seems a bit mad to me. It’s entirely possible that this is because I don’t know them, don’t know what they like doing or seeing, and am simply [...]